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The idea of Ember Goods began with a spark, a conversation between creatives yearning for more. A brunch meetup that turned into dinner at 6. Dreams and aspirations were being shared between the couples only hours into having a shared vision. A mentor shared with the four of them, “If you don’t do it, someone will. So just do it.” So we did.

Ember Goods began as a coffee shop and retail space located in the heart of Downtown Olympia, Washington. Our retail space is filled with local artists, nature inspired goods and gear and gifts for the outdoor lover. Our core values allow a safe place for all people to gather, to feel comfortable and welcomed. We have always wanted to give back to charities and non-profit organizations that mean so much to us. In the Spring of 2021, we began donating a portion of our proceeds from our drink specials to organizations we know and love, like Olympia Stonewall Youth and Outdoors for All Foundation.

Ultimately, we wanted to create a space that was warm, a space that felt like coming home. All four owners have a common passion for being outdoors and growing up traveling, spending time in nature, camping, swimming, smelling like campfire smoke and sunscreen. Hands sticky from s’mores and waking up to mosquito bites. We want people to have that same nostalgic feeling when they come into our store. A chance for those to reminisce on past experiences or to make memories of their own.


Ember Goods was co-founded by two couples, Logan & Bonita Smith and Nick & Jessica Terrel. Since the start of the shop back in the holiday season of 2017, there have been two additions to the family; Summer (8 months) & River (2 years).

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